Animation Pricing

Let’s get to the bottom line.

  • How much does animation cost?

    Don’t worry, we hear you. It’s an essential question, after all. Very few creative endeavours are successful without a little budget behind them.

    But finding the answer often requires a little digging.

    You see, it’s similar to asking ‘how much does it cost to build a house?’ or ‘how much to cater to a party of 500 people?’.

    The answer is it depends on what you need, and the amount of time and resources required to plan, develop and produce something that fulfils your expectations.

    Of course, there is a bottom end. If your project budget is lower than £6K, and you’re looking for a full end-to-end service, then we’re probably not going to be the best fit for you.

    Read on to see what’s usually considered when answering the golden question.

    We also recommend visiting our process page to find out more about where your budget is spent.

  • How do you figure out the cost?

    The best way of figuring out a cost for your project is on a briefing call. We need to chat with you first in order to get a full picture of what you require.

    As well as a discussion about goals, audience and outcomes, here are the things we’re likely to ask;

    Production style

    What does your project look like? This helps us to determine the overall complexity, which in turn, impacts the time and cost required for your project. If you’re unsure, that’s absolutely fine – we are here to guide you!


    How long is your video? The benchmark we use is 150 words of voiceover script for 1 minute of screen time.


    Is it a one-off or is it part of a series? There are time efficiencies in creating multiple videos in the same style as the development stage will only need to happen once. If you’re thinking about a series of animations, let us know at the start.

    Turnaround time

    How soon do you need your video? If you need it quicker than our normal turnaround time, this may have an impact on the cost.


    Do you want a killer audio track composed specifically for your video? Or would you prefer to use royalty-free library music? Would your project benefit from sound effects? We will help you with all of this, and produce the sound design in house.


    Does your project require a voiceover? We have a fantastic roster of hundreds of voiceover artists which we use to create a shortlist for you. Depending on your budget, there may be a handful to pick from, or a long list of candidates.


    Where will you be using your video? Particularly when it comes to music, voiceover and sound effects, how the video is going to be distributed will affect the licenses required to ensure the artists are paid fairly.

  • What does my budget go towards?

    Your budget buys you expertise, creativity, and a dedicated team that will work their socks off to help you smash your goals.

    This requires time, care, and a little bit of magic.

    For a more in-depth answer, head over to our process page to check out the different stages of a typical project.

  • Do you offer 'custom' animation solutions?

    Be wary of ‘custom’ solutions, as you almost certainly won’t end up with something made specifically for you.

    ‘Custom’ usually means the ability to change the colours, text, or other minor details of a templated animation.

    And if you’re trying to tell a unique story or solve a niche problem, you’re going to need a bit more than surface-level customisation of a one-size-fits-all template.

    Luckily, we’re all about championing unique, authentic and inspiring creative work.

    Nothing is off-the-shelf here. Everything we do is carefully crafted with you and your objectives in mind.

  • Why don’t you have package costs?

    Call us old school, but we think packaging stifles creativity. Some companies will offer what seems like a competitive package price, but will then cut corners to make sure that your video fits into their neat little box.

    We think this is totally backward. We do things a little differently. We start by fully understanding who you are and what you’re trying to do and then offer you a tailored, no-obligation quote based on delivering the best video for your budget.

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