Interactive Video & Animation

Sit down, strap in, and let’s play. Take engagement to the next level with interactive animation.

What is Interactive Video?


Put simply, interactive video is visual content that a viewer can manipulate and interact with. It differs from regular ol’ video because it doesn’t follow a linear structure.

Normally, when you watch a video you are a passive viewer. You sit back, chillax, and that video beams information directly into your brainbox. The only participation required on your part is to pause, rewind, fast-forward – or to nod off completely.

Interactive video is different. It requires more active participation and engagement from you, the viewer. This might mean clicking on elements within the video, answering questions, or even choosing your own path and narrative.

In many respects, an interactive video is actually more like a game than a video, and aside from the argument every Christmas about the banker cheating in Monopoly, who doesn’t like playing games?

How to use Interactive Video

To keep someone engaged for more than a few measly minutes these days is a tricky task. By increasing viewer participation, you’re far more likely to grab and hold someone’s attention. Interactive video is an incredibly powerful tool for learning professionals and marketers trying to keep people engaged.

Interactive projects allow you to chunk down complex topics into bite-sized learning, a known technique to make learning more digestible. For wide-spanning projects, interactivity gives you the ability to get across more information in a circular and interconnected way.

Giving the viewer the ability to control the pace and direction of their learning gives them a personalised learning experience. Interactive projects can also allow for more advanced analytics and insight, giving you more of that all-important data about viewer behaviour.

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