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Freelancer & Voice Talent Database

We love collaborating with people, so if you’re a freelancer and think you’d be a good fit for our team, please submit your information to our database. We also like working with a range of voiceover artists, so we have a database for you too! We get a lot of requests so unfortunately, we cannot reply to everyone. If we love your work and the right project comes along, we’ll be sure to get in touch.

Please keep the confirmation email you’re sent as it contains a link back to the form so you can update your details at any time.

Submit your information here:   Creatives & Production Crew  |  Voiceover Artists

  • In-house

    We aren’t currently hiring in-house. We will post details here when there are any open in-house opportunities.

    Please see above for details about working with us as a freelancer.


  • Experience & Internships

    Unfortunately, we’re not holding any work experience or internships at the moment or planning any for the coming months.

    We will post here when there are any open opportunities.