Motion Graphics

2D and 3D motion design services to help you create impact, animate the abstract, and inject life into the ordinary.

What are motion graphics?


Motion graphics, also known as ‘motion design’ or ‘mograph’, is a type of animation. You can recognise motion graphics by the use of moving text, shapes and objects. Think of it like graphic design on steroids.

From adding some pizazz to a boring old chart, to the use of shapes to convey an intangible concept like a feeling or idea, there are vast ways motion graphics can bring life to a design.

Motion Graphics can be 2D, 3D, digital or handcrafted, bright and colourful – or sinister and dark. It’s totally up to you, you handsome creator of worlds.

“From conception of the idea through to execution of the final video, they were brilliantly professional, creative and I felt like we were in very capable hands. We’re so chuffed with the final result!”

Briony Phillips | Rocketmakers

“It was a pleasure to work with Shy Guys Studios. They produced a range of innovative GFX, animated maps and explainer videos for the series, always on time and with all the deliverables required.”

Joanne Stevens | BBC

“I’ve worked with Shy Guys Studios for many years now and would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality animation. Their professional approach to any project makes them easy to work with and subsequently, they produce great results.”

Jemma Hodkinson | Production Manager

How to use motion graphics


At the most basic level, motion graphics are used to make static design more engaging. They draw attention to things we would otherwise miss, and keep us interested by adding movement. They might be used to bring life to static text, infographics, lower thirds, or web design elements.

But motion graphics can be so much more than just digital salad dressing. When used to its fullest potential, motion design can be a profound storytelling device.

You see, motion design is all about the abstract. It can excel where other types of animation can’t, effortlessly demonstrating complex or intangible ideas in a visual way. It has the power to connect with us on a deep, primitive level – one we can’t quite put our finger on – and it works.

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