Campaign Video

Member Connect

Animation to promote a new online community for the British Psychological Society, a registered charity acting as the representative body for psychologists in the UK.

Challenge | Making Amends

As an agency of support, BPS knew they hadn’t always got things right for their members – but they were changing. They were conducting a campaign to reconnect with members, and they were building a new online support community which needed publicising.

Solution | Campaign Video

We centred on the idea of a character animation (psychology is all about us humans, after all). The campaign video featured a diverse range of psychologists being shown all of the new systems and policy changes – with the guiding hand of the BPS helping them on their journey.

Result | Community Engagement

The resulting video was engaging, informative, but also honest. It didn’t shy away from past mistakes, and was successful in redefining the new helpful and approachable tone of voice for the BPS. Members reacted positively to the campaign video’s message, and the online community has been a huge success.

“We truly love the animation you’ve created for us! It makes us smile every time. We’ve received a really positive response to the new community too!”

Linda Corrie | BPS