Explainer Video

Arbolus | Expert Relationship Software

A motion graphics explainer video for Arbolus, a professional networking platform designed to help businesses and professionals work together.

Challenge | A Complex Proposition

Arbolus were about to launch their unique and interesting brand. However, their business proposition and differentiators were quite technical, and often hard to explain. How exactly did the software work, and what made it different to, say, Linkedin?

Solution | Explainer Video

Hosted on their home page, an explainer video introduced viewers to the problems with traditional networking platforms, talked briefly about how the Arbolus software worked, and then focused on how it could help unlock their network’s true potential.

Result | Engagement

With over 5,000 views and an engagement rate over 80%, the explainer video has been hugely successful in getting people engaged with this awesome new networking platform.

“Shy Guys Studios were professional, and the perfect balance between cost and quality – very satisfied with the results!”

Giorgio Trisciani | Arbolus