Explainer Video

Ready To Work


Animated explainer video for Ready to Work, a brand new service offering white label on-boarding solutions and software for big business.

Challenge | Complex Proposition

Ready To Work’s solutions were wide-ranging, quite technical, and completely new to the market. They needed something that gave an overview of services for potential customers, and simplified the proposition so it was easy to get on board with.

Solution | Explainer Video

We designed a relatable character, and throughout the explainer video, showed her being onboarded in a new role using the various Ready To Work services. By doing so, we subtly highlighted the various features and benefits without getting bogged down with the specifics. We also switched between different industries, to show that Ready To Work’s services could be easily white labelled.

I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and creativity. The explainer video is brilliant in its visual quality, the animation really is wonderful and is everything I’d hoped for.

Simon Moorcroft | Ready to Work