Recruitment Video

Adult Social Care | Surrey CC


An animated recruitment video for Surrey County Councils’ Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care team.

Challenge | Hidden Opportunities

Surrey County Council were struggling to engage people with adult social care roles. One of the barriers was their ability to easily convey the wide range of career opportunities – things like training and progression, job diversity, and a sense of purpose.

Solution | Recruitment Video

Playing on the theme of ‘adult social care is…’ we created a vibrant, colourful and eye-catching character animation featuring a diverse range of care workers. These characters are seen fulfilling different functions within a wide range of roles, moving forward in their careers, and helping others to be independent.

Result | Engagement

We’re delighted to say that the video had great feedback from recruitment events, and was successful in starting those all important conversations with potential candidates!

“Professional, helpful and know their stuff. We felt informed every step of the way and were delighted with the end result.”

Natalie Maxim | Surrey County Council