Dealing With Anxiety

Animated Learning | Mental Health

A short film explaining the biological reasons for anxiety, with a number of helpful tips and tricks for people living with anxiety disorders.

Helping Those With Anxiety

The taboo of mental health is subsiding, yet many of us still struggle with anxiety. As a subject very close to our hearts, we decided to create a positive and informative animation to help other people with anxiety to start living a better life.

The animation was picked up by Anxiety UK, who volunteered their hotline number to be added at the end of the film for anyone who wants more information or help. In 2021, the animation was also featured in YouTube’s Mental Health Day playlist and has been viewed over 35,000 times.

It’s okay to not be okay. Talk to a friend, a GP, or Anxiety UK.

Voiceover Artist: Alexia Kombou

This animation is licensed under creative commons CC-BY-ND-4.0