Interactive Map

The Bioeconomy of Ireland

An interactive animated learning project about the Irish bioeconomy, encouraging a better understanding of renewable resources.

Goal | Education

The Irish Bioeconomy Working Group approached us to create an interactive exhibit exploring the positive and negative impacts of the bioeconomy in Ireland. The goal was to encourage a better understanding of renewable resources and promote broader discussions about sustainability.

Challenge | Scale

The bioeconomy is a hugely expansive topic, covering everything from renewable energy, to waste products, to the things we buy – and even more unusual areas like biomass and seaweed farming! With such a considerable amount of ground to cover, the project required an interconnected approach.

Solution | Interactive Map

This is a wide-spanning project featuring over 40 learning points within seven separate locations, including interconnected links representing the circularity of the bioeconomy. The beautifully illustrated and animated backgrounds help immerse the viewer into each scene. We think it’s a great way to teach people about the bioeconomy… but don’t take our word for it, have a go!

What Is The Bioeconomy?

Just in case you were wondering, the bioeconomy is the part of the economy that uses renewable resources such as crops, forestry and fisheries to produce products, energy and food for humans and animals while reducing waste.

“Shy Guys were very organised and communicated clearly about the project timeline and milestones. The quality of their work was outstanding and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

Amanda Mathieson | BiOrbic