Research Explainer Videos

The Impacts and Costs of Whistleblowing

Two research explainers commissioned by Warwick Business School, Queens University and the Whistleblowing Impact project.


  • Challenge | Accessibility

    The Whistleblowing research team had reached some staggering conclusions about the impacts and costs of becoming a whistleblower. They wanted to publish their findings in order to enact change, but the research was expansive and highly technical. They needed an eye-catching and accessible format for people to engage with their findings – and that’s where we came in…

  • Solution | Research Explainer Videos

    We developed a bold visual identity for the videos. We then created a set of ‘whistleblower’ characters and animated their journey through the whistleblowing process. We simplified the narrative and utilised striking visual metaphors to try and make the research findings memorable, relatable and easy to understand for a first time viewer.

Shy Guys created beautiful videos that made our whistleblowing research accessible to a much wider audience. They delivered a high quality product within designated time frames and were very professional throughout the process.

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