TV Series Graphics

Bake Off : The Professionals

Deliciously animated recipe cards for this fast-paced competitive baking and pastry series for Channel 4.

Client | Love West, for Channel 4

Series 3, 4, 5, 6

A spin-off from the beloved GBBO, “Bake Off : The Professionals” is a 10 episode series for Channel 4, which sees 12 teams of professional pastry chefs compete against one another to create dazzling confectionery masterpieces.

We’ve worked with the Love West team to produce ‘recipe cards’ for each series. These animated illustrations are designed to rotate in 3D and give the impression of a baker’s chalk drawing, and are there to help people visualise the complex pieces each team is attempting to make.

Working alongside the offline edit teams, we produce the graphics while each episode is being edited together. And we’re always quite hungry by the end of each series!

“Once again, it was a pleasure working with Shy Guys and everyone at Love and Channel 4 are delighted with how our series has been received. Their creativity, attention to detail and patience (during what became a very intense schedule) was hugely appreciated!”

James Hedge | Series Editor

“It was a total pleasure working with Shy Guys. They made the whole process so easy and straight-forward, and we were really pleased with the work they produced. Highly recommended, and we’ll definitely be using them again in the future!”

Hannah Stansbridge | Production Manager