TV Graphics

China’s Silenced Feminist

Graphics and visualisations for this investigative documentary produced by BBC Eye.

Client | BBC Eye

China’s Silenced Feminist is a 15 min current affairs special produced by BBC’s investigation unit, BBC Eye. The programme investigates the disappearance of Sophia Huang Xueqin, a women’s rights journalist, activist and champion of the #MeToo movement in China, who has been detained by the Chinese government since June 2021 along with fellow labour activist Wang Jianbing.

Working with the BBC team, we helped tell Sophia’s story by producing a series of graphics. These visualise how the disappearance unfolded, communications from Sophia whilst in detention, and why the Me Too movement is represented as a rice bowl and bunny head emojis in China. 

We also developed visuals to illustrate the social media backlash to Sophia’s disappearance, the disinformation campaign being waged against her, and animated waveforms to protect the identity of the contributors, speaking out against the Chinese state.


Please watch and share this documentary, currently available in the UK on BBC iPlayer. 

You can find it on the BBC News YouTube channel if you’re not in the UK.