Campaign Video

Vaginal Discharge – Don’t Panic!


Animated campaign video for Unity Sexual Health, a free and confidential sexual health service offering STI testing and treatment, contraception and pregnancy advice in and around Bristol.

Challenge | Reducing Presentations

The team at THT and Unity Sexual Health came to us with a challenge. Many people would visit the clinic due to a change in their vaginal discharge, and Unity had found that a significant proportion of them didn’t need to ‘present’ as they were either perfectly healthy or could self-treat at home. Each of these unnecessary presentations causes worry and stress for the user, adds to the never-ending waiting list, and contributes a considerable cost to the NHS.

Solution | Animated Campaign Video

The aim was to free up the resources of an already overstretched clinic by empowering people with vaginas to be more confident with their sexual health. In consultation with service users, Unity and THT, we explored different ways to challenge misconceptions, deliver meaningful and relevant advice and engage people through a set of relatable characters and a little humour.

Result | Empowerment

The campaign video gives people the knowledge to recognise what’s normal and healthy and what’s not, how and where to find more information, when self-treatment is appropriate, and when to seek medical advice. This video is part of an ongoing campaign to challenge the stigma around vaginal discharge, hopefully leading to fewer people presenting with something healthy or self-treatable.